Eden Bachelder Artworks

Here at Lilibird we don't typically carry original artwork, but this year we've been promoting the work of artist, Eden Bachelder. Her framed and unframed prints are available in our store, or you can visit her etsy shop or to see her full line of beautiful and unique masks, jewellery and original watercolour, ink drawings and prints. Some pieces we have currently have in stock: 





Time to pull out the stops and let your honey know how much you love him/her this Valentine's Day!

This is not a time to waffle ......let's get serious here!

So whether you need little somethings for the friends and loved ones you want to thank for being there for you day every day or something that shouts from the rooftops that you really really LOVE someone, we're here to help you at Lilibird!   


Stuff those stockings!

We have great ideas for stocking stuffers for young and old. And we've been continuing to receive new orders almost daily, so we just filled our shelves again today with some great products that are going to be a hit with everyone on your list!  Here are a few of our favourites!


Tenzi and Slapzi!  Whoever thought up the idea that they should box these in a shape that fits in a Christmas stocking is a certified genius!  No home should be without one or both of these games this season!


Birchbark! New Bala shop!

Have you heard the news?  Lilibird Bala has moved up the street to 1003 Maple St., the former location of Saturday Afternoons! Nick & Eden, our son and future daughter-in-law will be the new owners of the store and are really excited to welcome you to their new location, called Birchbark .... Now open! We hope to see you all soon for another exciting summer in cottage country!

Visit Birchbark's Facebook page at:

Here comes Easter!

Welcome to Easter at Lilibird!



We are delighted to once again have an incredible array of Belgian Chocolate Easter treats handmade by our friend Mark Aarden  of Aarden's Chocolates in Stayner....... and here they are!




Valentine's Day 2016

Here are some great ideas for the Sweeties in your life this year!  Not just sweets either!


We're giving away three of these fabulous Fraktals Belgian Chocolate hearts, each valued at $30!  One through Moose FM, one in-store draw, and one by logging onto our facebook page and liking it, and sending us a message that you would like to participate in the draw.....since we have only been posting on facebook for a few months you have great chances with that one!  Good luck!


Review of Christmas 2015

t's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas at Lilibird!  And crazy as it sounds, we are still putting out new product every day, so if pop in often to see what's new.  Here's some new dishware and serving pieces we've just added.....little pate knives of vintage design, and a 3 section moose serving piece...

Light up your Life!

We have some awesome new lighting ideas this Christmas so here are a few!


Just got in these new touch lamps which are $10 more than the originals, but already outselling them! Oval, larger, and on a pedestal base, they're a step above the original and beautiful in any room! Pop in to check them out this week!



Cneck out these beautiful string lights - L.E.D. on a fine wire that's almost invisible, only $10 A really hot item this season!


Stocking Stuffers 2015

We'll be adding new items every few days to our great lsit of stocking stuffers for this Christmas!


What's any event without Fraktals, you might ask?  And we agree!  That belgian chocolate cashew buttercrunch is a must for every occasion...and you must always remember that old adage.....  Chocolate..... it's not just for breakfast anymore!  Don't forget that Fraktals is gluten free!