For Gals

Great stuff for gals! This has been the year of the shawl/wrap!  And we've had a promo going on for a while now giving you $5 off any regularly priced shawl or wrap and it's continuing!  More shawls have just arrived and continue to arrive!


We now have our own Simply Noelle boutique instore!  Our huge spring order has just arrived and we'll have it hanging by the end of're going to love it!


From $25 to $110 we have a shawl, wrap or large scarf that will finish off any outfit this season!

Still need boot socks? They're going fast so pop in soon to get yours.....we won't be getting any new ones until August!



 These have been great sellers all year! Hanging on the front of a gift or giftbag, on the mirror in your car or tuck it into a card.  We have a wide selection of different designs that can be given to anyone, but also specific designs for mom, grandma, teacher, caregiver....something for everyone!



These handy little torches are perfect to carry in your pocket or purse!  From a safety issue it's always good to have the option of pulling this handy little item out of your purse to find something in the dark, like your keys! They're a great add-on in a card to a special friend to let her know you're thinking about her!  What about teacher, bus driver, hair stylist, anyone you want to give a little thanks to any day of the year!



These beautiful nightlights are not only gorgeous but more stumbling around in the dark when you have to leap from your bed in the night for a child or a quick trip to the loo!  The trinket boxes below them are not only gorgeous but useful to keep favourite jewellery!



We just got in another new shipment of those toe hugging, foot cuddling Snoozies with some great designs for spring and photo coming shortly!



We burned through our first order of hot water bottles and just received more!  Who wouldn't love a cuddly warm owl of bear to snuggle up to this winter?  Perfect gift for that hard-to-biuy-for someone on your list!



Basic Spirit pewter in Nova Scotia makes a wide range of beautiful pewter giftware, including these little charm bowls, key rings with positive messages, and a whole range of message coins to carry in your pocket and bring you either luck or positive messages for daily consideration!  They make perfect little thinking of you gifts..... 



These lovely little pewter ring dishes are made in Nova Scotia!  Lovely sentiments and a great gift.... And check out the boxes!  They're amazing, with a little pewter stamped piece affixed to the top of each one....we love them!



My favourite jewellery this winter!   And you're going to LOVE the price!



Wine, women and song.....or just star wine bottles!  With funny messages they're a great gift for your wining and dining girlfriends this spring and summer!



Or more poignant messages for loved ones......



Flip notes continue to be great gift because it can be carried in a pocket, in a purse, left in your vehicle so you never find yourself without the ability to leave a note for someone, and we have refills!



So toddlers may be able to use IPADs but we old folk are having real issues with remembering all these passwords!  And the threat of someone finding our passwords sometimes is overruled by the fear of being unable to remember them all.....and for this reason these logbooks are a best seller!  We carry them in two different sizes and many different designs! 





We love these very popular watch pendants in many styles and two sizes!







New pendants this spring!



These Sensetique earrings have been a hit with gals of every age, including little ones.  Made especially for people with sensitivities and allergies they are perfect!  We also carry clip-on earrings for women who choose not to pierce their ears, so ladies if you've been looking for these, we have them!



We have a line of beautiful music boxes, with a collection of changeable prints so that you can pick the box with the music you want, then add the insert that fits the occasion or person, and you're set.  You can also remove the insert and use a photo to make it even more personal!


And they're 25% off right now!


We all know at least one glamour girl who loves glitter, so these are for them!



We have a huge assortment of beautiful jewellery in every price range so pop in soon to check it out!