For Guys

We've found some great stuff for guys - from ginger beer to beer bread mix, blazing bush BBQ sauce, to Hatley's line of Beer products - tea towels, oven mitts, men's boxers, even magnetic notepads.....



Check out these New York Times crossword puzzles dating back to the Second World War!  Just like reading your vintage New York Times with your puzzles on every page!  We sell dozens of these internet password logbooks (much to the shock and awe of Nick who cannot believe we would actually RECORD our passwords for someone to find!).....perfect gift for old farts like us who can't remember them all!  And we now carry Moleskin!



Two words....describe us perfectly.  we're either lake people, or camping people, or river people....regardless we have the right hat for him.......



Great for guys! These wonderful socks are not only attractive but comfy and cozy too! 



And fishing or lucky hunting socks!



A perennial hit with many people, who buy the guys new boxers from Hatley every season!  You'll never find more comfy stuff than Hatley!



We love these s'mores guys and they're perfect for the men in your life, young and old!



Red Canoe, a great Canadian company, makes these ball caps with vintage logos on them from CBC and RCAF to iconic airlines and airplane manufacturers of years gone by! 



 We carry their RCAF duffle bag which is an exact replica of that carried by members of the RCAF during it!