Home Decor And Gifts

We hope you'll drop into our miniature department store soon to check out our wide variety of great products!  We're adding lots of new decor items for your home and cottage daily now as our spring orders roll in!  These just arrived:


This gorgeous kitchenware from Michel Design is fabulous for both indoor and outdoor this summer. Made from heavy-duty melamine it will be indestructible for years to come and the designs are gorgeous!  



Lanterns, birdhouses, eggs, nests and birds are always perennial favourites.



These individual cannisters are enamelled metal with beautiful egg and nest designs, a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, mudroom or craft/work area.



Glass trays, glass lantern, birds and hot pads in 3 different designs......



We've sold many of these designer "faux books" over the years for folks to hold all their remote controls beautifully in their TV room!



I love you to the moon has been the #1 selling sign for two years.....can we make it 3?  We stocked up on these great white lanterns at a fab deal we're passing on, and the clock? It's great, no?



One of the hottest trends right now is still the red and black buffalo plaid so we're bringing in as much as we can find for your woodsy cottage look this summer!



And these red and white kitchen pieces go well with it!



Star bottles in many shapes, baskets of summer flowers and bicycles.....yup summer's coming!



Love birds, blue glass, nests.....



This is, without a doubt, our top selling home decor accessory for the past 3 years!  These lamps work by simply touching them and offer three different levels of light, from a nightlight to a fully bright lamp. In 10 different designs and priced from only $30, they are a hit with young and old!  We have customers tell us constantly how handy they find them in the middle of night because they don't have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the knob on a bedside lamp when they want to get up in the dark. They just reach out and as soon as their hand touches the lamp they have light!  Perfect for people who have mobility issues, are bedridden or living in a nursing or retirement home too!





Napkins, coasters, tea towels, mugs, prints.......







Hatley has added to it's kitchen towels, aprons and oven mitts significantly this year and we have it all! 



We hear from customers every day how much they enjoy our extensive line of iron hooks and brackets.






We have shelves fully stocked with an array of summer dishware, ceramics, trays, salt & pepper shakers, teapots, cream & sugar, napkin holders, pate knives, knife rests, corn strippers, kitchen timers......you name it, we likely have it!  We are still carrying this line of kitchen cannisters for flour, sugar, biscuits, coffee, tea, sugar, cheese slicers, and Marks and Spencer latte mugs from England!



We've added to our gourmet food section again this year....



We carry these fabulous LED flickering light prints for your walls.  Nothing could be more relaxing than gazing at these beautiful pictures and dreaming about the lake in summer!



These white owl cannisters have been very popular as cookie jars, coffee or tea storage jars or even in a bathroom.  The blue candle holders are just gorgeous, and very substantial.  



Who wouldn't love this owl hanging under their eave or out in the garden?



We have great garden windchimes in ceramic for moms, grandmas, determined gardeners and bird lovers.  The coloured faucet iron hooks make an awesome addition to any garden, mud room or bath!



Need a cottage print to spruce up a special room in your home or cottage?










Whether you're refurbishing an old desk or dresser or making a jewellery rack these fabulous knobs cannot be beat!  From ceramic to glass we carry a wide range in design and price so pop in to check it out! 







These yellow ceramic wellies are adorable.....love the plant stakes in jewel tones with butterlies, dragonflies and hummingbirds topping them off!



Glass paperweights in aqua swirls are fabulous, magnetic butterlies and dragonflies will attach to your screen doors to warn folks not to walk through them!



This beautiful line of ceramic birdhouse decor has been popular.....love the blue wavy glass hurricanes!



We took the starlight inserts from some of the wine bottles and put them in lanterns for this fab look!



And this fab look!



It's all about the twinkle lights this year and they make every container special!



Mason jars never looked so good!







Hurricanes, clocks, napkin holders, L.E.D. pictures, bird plates and dishes,  the list goes on and on.....



We're adding new products weekly.....



There are still a lot of people out there who love a porcelain mug - nothing keeps your tea or coffee hotter than porcelain!



Choose from the large indoor/outdoor prints for your muskoka room or screened porch....



Large prints for your seasonal rooms, real-lite candles to light up your cottage evenings!



These hotpads will give your table a burst of summer colour while protecting it......



 Just got in some new canvas signs......







If you like our very popular touch lamps you're going to really enjoy these new oval shaped lamps with a more formal base....only $10 more than the original, they've been a hit!





These beautiful cloches come in 3 sizes.....



Birds, Birds, Birds....



There are a lot of ladies out there who still want to have tea in a china mug....they keep your tea so much hotter when they're made of porceiain and we have a great selection!



You're never too old to lick the spoon!



Whether you're serving fish or just love the look of this beautiful platter, it's a great addition to any cottage kitchen!  And hide the cookies in one of these cookie jars to ration them out to the kids!



We just received these beautiful candles which are L.E.D. and very similar to the Real-lite technology at a fraction of the price!