Happy Easter everyone!   Here are a few pictures of what's in stock now for Easter gift giving!


What would Easter be without Belgian Chocolate bunnies, eggs and our amazing Easter Houses made by Aarden's Chocolates in Stayner!  We have a great lineup of goodies for every basket this year....




We've been whipping up some beautiful wreaths and baskets to hang on your door this spring!



Napkins, Michel Design foaming soap and hand towel combination sets, hanging bunny spoons.



Birds, birdhouses, nests, eggs, prints, cannisters, beautiful bird metal tray.....



Lots of beautiful napkins, dishware, hanging bunny spoons and dragonflies for your Easter table!




Lavender from France, lavender soap, room spray, napkins, teapot and mugs, beautiful lavender

embellished serving tray and wall decor....yes we have lavender! 



Beautiful melamine serving pieces from Michel Design will provide years of pleasure both indoors and out.....



Everyone loves monarch butterflies and these beautiful boxes that look like books are great for hiding your remotes and keeping the family room neat and tidy!



Bird prints, cannisters owls, nests and eggs.....all clearly say spring has arrived.







Bicycles are a big decor design element this spring, and our star L.E.D. bottles in various colours and sizes are a huge it ....pair them with a flower filled basket for your table and you're set for spring!








Just did this new display of summer sgns!




We still have some of these signs from last year....but some are sold out....check out our quilt room to see if we still have one you might have missed buying and regret missing out on it!




Love this canvas sign with summer camping rules!



Wooden signs are always popular



We picked up this great line of signs, frames, mugs and hats for lake people, beach people, camping people, and people who do all sorts of things!





Love this sign...



And this one too!



This large canvas 2'x3' sign has turned out to be very popular!



Summer 2016.....getting our creative juices flowing to get going on our 2017 spring/summer displays!




This cottage life dishware is a hit! from mugs, teapot, pitcher and bowl to large rectangular

platter with pate and cheese knives shaped like paddles they're a hit on any table any




We discovered these custom mugs, coasters and trays that you can mix and match at the

cottage this summer!  From anchors to muskoka chairs to the names of the big lakes,

choose from several different mugs!  and the matching coasters make a perfect gift to

go along with the mugs!






These firestarters are amazing!  Our supplier tells us you could actually cook a one pot meal over one!



We've been sourcing new suppliers for iron and have even more this year than last!



We have a great selection of the L.E.D. lanterns, battery operated, and phenomenal when the power goes out!  Just turn it on and continue to read, play board games, snack and have fun!  We just received a big order of Hatley mugs and teapots so we're good to go there!



Who doesn't love a campfire every night of the summer or winter, and what better way to toast marshmallows or hotdogs than with our extendable camping fork???  Want to bake some brie outdoors? Nothing beats our stainless steel brie baker from Gourmet du Village, and top it off with some ready-to-go brie topping!  Beer can chicken?  Pulled pork?  We've got the rub for you!



It may be pushing it to mention Christmas, but here is a fabulous stocking stuffer for the men on your list this year!  We love these beautiful recycled beer glasses made by Artech Artisans in Tory Hill over near Haliburton!  Made from beer bottles, heated to red hot over the flames then stretched and cut off to form the perfect beer glasses for summer drinks.....we love "This Beer Belongs to ________" as a personalized gift for anyone, i.e., Dad, Grandpa, Mr & Mrs.!  Buy a six pack of beer, take a couple of beer out and replace with two of these glasses for a fabulous couple gift for friends who are hard to buy for!  Not anymore!

Love the sound of loons, but don't have any on your lake or river?  Squeeze the belly of this plush cutie and hear the heartrending call of the loon!  From bluejays to cardinals and chickadees we have all the northern birds covered with their unique calls!  Great souvenir of Muskoka!  And, dare we say it, great stocking stuffer!


We have folks asking all summer long for keepsakes that are light for travelling or shipping, with the word Muskoka on them, with a Muskoka theme, and something the recipient with keep or use.  Well, not easy to fill all those boxes, but we're getting closer every year!  From hanging moose, bear, deer, loons and hummingbirds, to whistles and slingshots, we think this line of products will suit the bill!


Some of you have been looking for Muskoka magnets and we have found a great line of humorous and just scenic magnets as well as magnetic notes with a keepsake magnet after the list pages are used up, as well as 2017 calendars....


Who wouldn't want one of these beautiful ceramic girls?  The napkin holders with bird anchor to keep your napkins from flying away in the summer breeze is always a hit!



Sit this little boot filled with crabapple blossoms on an old raggedy edged book.....beautiful!



The minute we saw these crazy smores guys I knew we had to have them!  From Baby's first Christmas and Our First Christmas Together,  to a guitar player, all the winter sports, and the funny sayings, they're a great keepsake for years to come.  

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? is my favourite!  Toasted seems to be the #1 seller tho! Wonder why?






Shop Canadian this season and give these ornaments or keychains made by Basic Spirit Pewter in Nova Scotia and at the same time 10% of their profits go to plant trees, build schools, support wildlife habitat or our's a win/win!




These beautiful friendship balls are a hit, and come in many beautiful colours and two different shapes. Each one is handblown and unique, no two are alike!




Photos from Christmas 2016 at Lilibird!

Love this guy.  Love the window frame behind him with the two cardinals even more!



Who wouldn't love these L.E.D. lights with cardinals painted on them?




Everyone loves chickadees and these painted hurricanes are beautiful with a string of twinkle lights in them.  We have the lights in both warm and cool this Christmas and they have a six hour timer on them this year!  No more digging into your display to turn the lights on and off!



Love this canvas sign.....and here is the cottage life dishware set up for Christmas with a beautiful, simple red and white teatowel and the crossed paddle servers!



Love the L.E.D. candle ornament? We just got them in!



These snowmen are a great price this year!  Our supplier cleared them out last Christmas so we bought a bunch and we're passing on the savings to our customers!



Do you have a snow globe collector on your list?  This is outstanding and anyone would love it!



Gotta love this guy....he'd be a hit on any Christmas buffet!  And we stocked up on these on sale too!




Who wouldn't love to have a Christmas spinner ornament with their name on it? This rack holds a lot of names!  Pop in to see if we can fill those stockings with individualized ornaments for you this year!



Wooden paddles, birchbark moose, L.E.D. candles that look like a chunk of branch, we can help with your cottage Christmas this year!



Shop Canadian this Christmas and give these ornaments or keychains made by Basic Spirit Pewter in Nova Scotia and at the same time 10% of their profits go to plant trees, build schools, support wildlife habitat or our's a win/win!




The practical side of us says "give a Christmas tea towel as a hostess gift".....always useful, beautiful and appreciated, we have a number of really beautiful ones this year!



Snowmen and s'mores guys ....what a hit!  We have lots of great keepsake ornaments this year!



For the third year in a row we have a wall of L.E.D. winter pictures that light up beautifully in a room with dim lighting at Christmas and all through the winter months!  They're all so beautiful it's difficult to choose just one! So why not pick up a few to keep on hand for unexpected giftgiving needs this year?  Any that we had left from last year are at a great price to move them out and that makes them even more appealing for self-gifting this year!  Check it out while supplies last, they're moving quickly!  And we even have some wee little ones this year for $10....a great gift for teachers, bus drivers, caregivers and an awesome little addition to spruce up the room of a nursing home loved one!



These beautiful friendship balls are a hit, and come in many beautiful colours and two different shapes. Each one is handblown and unique, no two are alike!



We love a great deal so whenever a supplier is going out of a product we'll load up so that we can pass that new price on to you, even if it's the next Christmas!  So we're still bringing out lots of product every day and a lot of it is going to be at better prices than that same product was previously!  So try to pop in to Lilibird often during December to see what's new you can't resist this year!


We have a couple of these great snowmen left so hurry in!  



This line of snowmen are at a great price this December!



Love these snowmen wax melters!  We have other designs and we carry a wonderful line of soy wax melts made for us up in Sudbury....great fragrances and really long lasting!



Whether you're looking for gifts for friends and loved ones or decor items for your own 
enjoyment Lilibird has something for everyone this Christmas!  


We have only a couple of these  beautiful LED acrylic trees in two sizes, and we just

discovered thati f you wind a  row of twinkle lights around the outside of it, it's

unbelievably gorgeous!




Our supplier of Real-Lites is in negotiations with the manufacturers for the next update

in technology so their supply is running very low. We can no longer get certain sizes,

and these ones will no longer be available at all, so if you need any to complete your

collection, pop in soon to get them!




 We have beautiful metal stars in five different sizes and many colours - brown, black, red, 

grey, cream, sometimes colonial blue or green.  This is a photo from a display we did in the 

Bala store for cranberry festival two years ago, but shows how stars can be used in a




Believe it or not this is a canvas picture of candles with LED lighting from behind.  They
flicker and glow just like real candles.  We have various designs and sizes and they've

been a hit again this Christmas.  This is our third year carrying L.E.D. pictures and every

year they just get better and more beautiful.  Pop in soon to see our collection for 2016!  

We even have  ones that are perfect for teacher, bus driver, someone with limited space,

like a nursing home!


We love these faux birchbark snowmen. They come in various sizes and are sure to please
snowmen collectors young and old this christmas!

We absolutely love these birchbark resin skaters...we've carried them for a couple of years and

they're at a great price this Christmas, thanks to our supplier discontinuing them!



If you like collectible Christmas village decor, this amazing piece will be a great addition 
to your collection....we only have one so don't wait if it's calling to you!

Love these seeded hurricanes with the tiny "seeds" in the glass, paired with a white
real-lite candle and a branch of christmas "greenery".  Hint:  We use coarse salt, 
otherwise known as pickling salt, as a base for all candles, whether they're real or
Real-lite.  It looks wintery and christmasy and keeps melted wax from ruining your






 These lanterns are hot hot hot!  We originally started carrying them last Christmas, 

We are going to clear out the rest of our  L.E.D. lanterns this Christmas and if you don't

have any, you definitely need them!  When the power goes out, just turn the knob on

your lantern and it's like having a 100W bulb in a lamp beside you....continue reading,

playing board games or whatever you like to do to pass the time. We have the large,

which takes 3 D batteries and we're getting about 200 hours out of a set of batteries.  

The small size takes 2 D batteries and they last about
half as long.  When the power goes out you just turn the knob and continue reading!
You can use on a nightlight setting, or full power gives the light of a table lamp!

We have them in white, black, red, and antique bronze in both sizes.