Stocking Stuffers 2015

We'll be adding new items every few days to our great lsit of stocking stuffers for this Christmas!


What's any event without Fraktals, you might ask?  And we agree!  That belgian chocolate cashew buttercrunch is a must for every occasion...and you must always remember that old adage.....  Chocolate..... it's not just for breakfast anymore!  Don't forget that Fraktals is gluten free!

We have sugar free products for those who are diabetic or controlling sugar intake:



These sugar free chocolates are delicious, with all the needed dietary info labelled on the back.




Who knew black forest cake could be transferred to belgian chocolate in such a scrumptious manner?

We now carry Donini products and this brittle has been a hit!

Along with their fabulous nutty chocolate drizzled caramel corn!

And for maple syrup lovers everywhere you can't beat these delicious maple suckers and candy!

We ran a taste test with some customers in the store and they couldn't choose a winner between the Donini peanut brittle and the Charlies shown below.  Maple syrup lovers chose the Donini and nut lovers chose the Charlies because it has more peanuts per square foot than a peanut farm in Georgia!  So if you're a peanut brittle lover you MUST try these two brittles!

 If you love belgian chocolate you aren't going to find anything better than this fabulous solid milk chocolate ladybug that's the size of the palm of your hand.  That's a handful of taste you won't find duplicated any time soon!

 Donini's barks have been a hit, whether you like milk, dark or cookie swirl!



This licorice cone has been a big seller for several years now.  We had no idea there were so many salted licorice fans out there, so if you like licorice that's tasty, traditional and also salty, you'll find all your requirements met in this convenient cone!

If you're looking for quantity rather than beauty, this value pack of two bars for slightly more than the price of one is a great deal for self-gifting!



If you have a chocolate covered ginger lover in your life, we can fill their stocking with milk or dark!



Ghirardelli, all the way from San Francisco.....



Chocolate covered pretzels always delight...



And biscotti to dip in your coffee!



Who wouldn't love chocolate covered oreo cookies in their stocking this year?



We have scrumptious belgian chocolate hedgehogs filled with hazelnut chocolate, in cello packs or two in a little red treasure chest....



Belgian chocolate wreaths make a fabulous hostess gift, secret santa or stocking stuffer!



Who wouldn't love a s'mores guy for their collectible ornament for 2015?



We love these Christmas earrings!



These fabulous spinners fueled by a tealite were a huge hit last year, so we brought them in again!



The thing about socks is.....we all need lots of them and sizing is pretty safe! A hit everytime!



Boot socks are so HOT this Christmas we've brought in dozens and dozens in many different styles and colours. Don't miss out on the fabulous selection we have....



We've never meet a Snoozie we didn't love and apparently you haven't either!  Perfect stocking stuffer!



Pook is made in Canada and a new twist on the old fashioned worksocks grandpa wore when you were a kid! (if you're old like us!)



For years we've had customer requests for clip-on earrings, and we've finally found them in 2015! We just received the new christmas lineup, so pop in soon for a perfect stocking stuffer!



More great ideas coming to this spot every few days!