Treats & Baskets




Here comes Peter Cottontail and he's bringing Belgian Chocolate bunnies, eggs & Easter Houses from Lilibird!





These delicious smores bar and dark salted chocolate bar are made with 100% Callebaut chocolate!



Cones of misty mints, chocolate covered gummy bears and salted European licorice are a hit!



Hot Chocolate is not just for winter anymore!  Chilly night around the campfire?  Bundle up in a blanket with a steaming mug of Gourmet Village Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and all is right with the world!



Wildman's Backwoods BBQ for all manly men at the cottage!



Every spring is  maple syrup season in Muskoka and here are some great products for you to choose from: 

Both #1 grade and amber (which we personally love - like biting into a maple tree!), Maple Garlic Sauce, Maple Apricot Hot Pepper Jelly, Apple Syrup with Maple and Cinnamon, and crunchy Maple Glazed Popcorn!


We're now carrying Harvey & Verne's Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Ginger Ale and Cream Soda! You can always add a bottle to one of our amazing Molly & Drew Beer Breads or Beer Cakes to bake up a treat sure to delight!  




These cream Belgian chocolates shown on the top shelf in the clear lidded box are not only delicious, but also gluten free.




What's any event without Fraktals, you might ask?  And we agree!  That Belgian Chocolaste Cashew Buttercrunch is a must for every occasion.....and always remember the old adage.....'s not just for breakfast anymore!




Our showcase is chocked full of Lilibird specialty items.  Bulk truffles, chocolate covered ginger, our amazing giant belgian dipped caramels and boxes of chocolates and truffles of every size, description and price!  So if you want to spend $4 or $40 we have a box of chocolates or truffles for every occasion.....


We have sugar free products for those who are diabetic or controlling sugar intake:



Donini gourmet maple crunch has no equal among nutty chocolate covered cramel corns.....we guarantee it!



And for maple syrup lovers everywhere you can't beat these delicious maple suckers and candy!

Charlies' Cashew Brittle has more nuts per square foot than a peanut farm in Georgia!  So if you're a  brittle lover you MUST try this brittle!

 Donini's barks have been a hit, whether you like milk or dark.  The Black Forest Bark from Andea Chocolate  is truly mouth watering and amazing!

 This licorice cone has been a big seller for several years now.  We had no idea there were so many salted licorice fans out there, so if you like licorice that's tasty, traditional and also salty, you'll find all your requirements met in this convenient cone!



We have a variety of Gourmet Village dips, hot chocolates, brie bakers and brie toppings, as well as their new pulled pork and sweet potato seasoning.  In our gourmet food section we have sourced what we consider to be some of the best cookies, biscuits, antipasto, pesto,  tea, and sweets available.   



Tea Lover in your midst?  We have amazing Tea Forte individual packets in many flavours, both loose and pre-measured or in their silk triangular tea bags!  Their Kati cups with lid and tea strainer are a huge hit all year long with tea lovers of every age! 



A small cottage industry in Huntsville makes our Lilibird jam, jelly and chutney.  #1 sweet jam - Apple Pie - delicious warmed and spread on cheesecake to make a unique and incredible dessert.  Or over ice cream....mmmm.  Blueberry is a close #2... and delicious used the same way.   #1 Savoury has been a tossup between Garlic and Hot Pepper Jelly and Hot 4 Pepper Jelly.... they are running neck and neck.  But a lot of you are really crazy for the Red Pepper and Peach Chutney.  It's fantastic on brie, cheddar, swedish meatballs, or any meat roasted over the BBQ.  Come on in soon - for $20 you get two large and two small jars!



Add assorted imported licorice, jelly bellies, candy and nuts, tea, coffee, cookies, gourmet dips, and sauces and we can provide a well rounded mix of treats for the most discriminating palate. So scan our products and see how we can help solve your gift giving and home entertaining dilemmas. 


So come on in soon and let us help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion....or just pick up something wonderful for yourself!  We'll never tell!